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Share your voice Key features:. No, you do not. Bluetooth is only needed for the initial setup. Although the LTE-M network is part of the LTE network, there may be some areas where service is limited for example, underground parking garages or inside of buildings with no LTE signal. This service is also currently not available in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. See our coverage map. Yes, Connected Tracker plan is required.

If you deactivate your plan, you have 90 days to reactivate it. Please note: if you do not reactivate within 90 days, your tracker will become inactive indefinitely. During the initial setup, the tracker must be paired with one mobile device. Then, using the SmartThings app, you can link up to 19 additional mobile devices for monitoring the same tracker.

Sonoff R2 - $5 Smart Switch Working with SmartThings!

Yes, you can send a location report to the SmartThings app from your tracker by pressing the power button twice. This will send an alert to all members connected to that tracker.

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The battery of the Samsung SmartThings Tracker can generally last about a week on a single charge. You can optimize its battery life by enabling power saving mode , which will turn the tracker off during periods of inactivity. When power saving mode is enabled, the tracker will pause location updates. It will also pause location updates when it does not sense motion or it is not used for approximately 30 minutes.

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Would this be able to connect Google Home and Ring? Does anyone know if v3 hub works with Xiaomi water sensors? I understand that for Xiaomi to work, you need the old classic app and you need custom handlers. Does v3 allow this? I hear that v2 is a lot more powerful.

I have a V2 and am currently going through all sorts of pains getting a Xiaomi product to work water sensor specifically , but even if they do work, they are not supported in Google Home, so if you want to manage the connected devices through GH, you'll need to buy the actual Samsung or other "supported" switches and plugs. If I had to do it all again, I'm not sure I'd have gone down the Samsung road. Last edited by badass on Jan 16th, am, edited 1 time in total.

I want to add a device to my Bell Mobility account

The thought would be this is more for deals/discounts than it is for “what's the best Anyway, I agree, a general current deals topic sounds like a good idea!. Found a great promotion or deal on devices around that you want to share with the rest of the community?! Share them here!.

Thread started in - fully gutted and renovated 2 storey detached home in the big T. Very useful for handheld control of lights and other devices. While the minimote is a zwave device, it can work with SmartThings to control zigbee devices, hello home actions, etc. So particularly useful for adding in wall zwave light switches, but not door locks. Sale limited to current inventory. They also sell 3 packs and individuals, but at a higher per unit price.

Nice added touch that they all have Temperature sensors on them too fairly accurate. Good call, greg. Kevin, where was this? Also, what section of HD was this in?

Wink vs. SmartThings Gen 3 — About

This was at a home depot in Orlando. I took a double take when I saw it. Hey Seth Good Morning. One non dimmer for window ac, and one dimmer for a light. But then I saw your post. Do you know if this model, other than being outside the wall, can it handle a small window unit AC And does it have the same function as the inwall one? Usage, Wattage etc. And do they make a dimmer one in this style. Thanks for your help Aaron.