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However, the small print says that you have to buy at least six bottles to get the deal. Some of you may remember that Majestic recently dropped its six bottle minimum purchase rule; but not for this offer, it seems.

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The retailer, which toasted a return to profit in the first half of its current fiscal year , also says you can next day delivery if you order by 6pm. Home Shopping Black Friday. Top 40 Piedmont reds beyond Nebbiolo. Mostly the bargains are to be had among the shop's own or "private brands" the same thing, only with made-up names to spare the buyer's blushes.

Best Local Grocery Store Wine Deals: Wine Shopping Pinot Noir, Discount Wine

Unloved but lovely grape varieties such as chenin blanc and grenache are worth looking out for, before people catch on. Then there are the wine regions that are on the up, especially ones in Europe such as valpolicella and beaujolais, which were pretty awful until recently. There's no such thing as a foolproof country, but rising standards and perennially low prices for wines from Sicily, Portugal, South Africa and South America make them the safest bet.

July 23, 2012

Often great bargains are hidden on the bottom shelves so make sure your hunt high and low for a deal. Any idea what it means? Are you ready? Where can I eat? I would love to buy some for my wife but cannot find it …. Tempranillo: This wine has plum and berries flaours and aromas as well as hints of leather and tobacco.

For under a fiver, you'll usually be getting the most recent vintage bordeaux and beaujolais are splendid in , but if you are pushing the boat out, look for earlier no-brainer vintages — you can buy almost any rhone wines from , or Italy in and , and Rioja in with confidence.

In general, more predictable weather means vintages are less variable in the southern hemisphere. Fully dry, but decadently lush.

This balances fruit-cakey flavours with a touch of cedar. Think of us as your independent supermarketwine guide , helping you find the highest quality and best value wine for your budget.

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Value For Money With a multitude of supermarket wine deals around it can be hard to identify the ones that offer the best value for money. Our free wine app helps you find the best wine based on both quality and price.

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Discover if that deal really is as good as it looks, see how much we would pay for it and search for alternative wines in that category. Aldi was Highly Commended, with a strong performance.

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If you're only after cheap plonk, you might be better off buying from a supermarket – see our Cheap Wine Deals page. This deal is for people who want a higher. Find cheap wine and wine case deals like 3 for £10 wine offers at Tesco, 12 bottles of wine for The cheapest wine deals at Asda and other big UK supermarkets.

That is an impressive performance from Lidl, who are not only pricing extremely competitively but also buying well across their range.