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Used Nissan Leaf s For Sale near Atlanta, GA | J.D. Power I have not owned one, but I know a lot of people who do, and have been closely following the Leaf developments since the day that Nissan announced it in August The EV revolution that we are witnessing now is due in part to the efforts of Nissan and Tesla and the sales successes of their respective cars.

Any Georgia resident qualifies for it. I have the following advice for anyone considering getting buying a new Nissan Leaf. Today, certainly, people are buying EVs for commuting and driving around town, and not so much for roadtrips because the charging time is so long.

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But with DCFC, it becomes possible to drive hundreds of miles per day. We have found that new EV owners tend to fall in love with their new car torque!

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Quick View 45 photos Save Compare. Acceleration is ample and very quiet. That's why each of our vehicles features a Sonic Price. Turn off the ECO mode and the accelerator is very responsive. Any 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, Good Experience.

Please, trust me, you will likely regret not getting the DCFC option. Be careful to not confuse the 6.

2017 Nissan LEAF S

By the way, the S-trim Leaf comes with the slower 3. This 6.

2015 Nissan Leaf Atlanta GA FC317945

Get the navigation system. Some owners have been using the navigation on their smartphones instead.

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This allows you to monitor and control the car remotely, via smartphone or web browser. For example, when you are around town and have left your car charging at a public station, you can use this feature to confirm that it really is charging for peace of mind , or even have it alert you if someone unplugs it.

Older Leaf resale values have plummeted, but not because the cars have any problems, rather because new cars are coming out that go much further and for the same price.

The Georgia Legislature Just Pulled the Plug on Electric Cars

That state tax credit went away about 18 months ago, now you get the privilege of posing the state for driving an electric car. Roughly the same money as an 18 MPG truck would pay in fuel tax to the state at the national average milage. Hybrids and plug-in hybrids like the Volt and Prius Prime do not have this requirement. You also ride in the Peach Pass lane for free. I bought a used Leaf in December, and it's hands down the best car I've owned.

2017 Nissan Leaf S

I highly recommend it for anyone with a typical routine. If you typically drive under 60 miles per day or you can conveniently plug in at work a standard electric outlet in the parking lot would suffice , and you have a second family car for road trips and other long drives, then please consider it. Essentially walked away with a free car for 2 years? This one isn't from the state and can't be applied to a lease.

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The state wised up to that. Damn that's a lot off.

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And no where near enough to make me buy one. I'd be much more open to getting an electric car if they didn't all look like they were designed by a 16 year old girl minus Tesla.

So how exactly does this work? Is that collected when you file your taxes?